Club spokesman Toni Freixa announced that the Board of Directors approved the budget for the 2012/13 fiscal year, which forecasts revenues of 470 million euros and expenditures of 427.9 million euros. Last year, the Club closed out the 2011/12 fiscal year with a record-breaking 48.8 million euro surplus.

General Assembly on the 22nd

In addition, Freixa announced that the General Assembly of Delegates will take place on Saturday, September 22nd, coinciding with the FC Barcelona-Granada match at the Camp Nou. The first Assembly meeting is scheduled to take place at 16.00, and the second at 16.30.

The Board of Directors will present its strategic plan for the upcoming seasons during the Assembly, and delegate members will get the chance to vote, via referendum, on the Camp Nou’s rebuilding project. “We want delegate members to authorize us to hold a referendum. We are not calling for a referendum. In the end, if delegate members give us the authorization, we want all Club members to have a voice in the matter,” said Freixa.

Freixa also announced that there will be two informative sessions before the vote for delegate members to become better acquainted with the proposed projects.

Renewing sponsorships

Freixa went on to say that the Club have also renewed and improved its sponsorships with the medical care company, Asistencia Sanitaria (through June 30, 2016), and with Turkish Airlines (through June 30, 2015).

More contact with Club members

Toni Freixa also said that the Club will implement two services that will facilitate communication between Club members and the Club. The ‘La Veu del Soci’ [The Member’s Voice], which is an online tool that Club members can use to leave suggestions and ideas for FC Barcelona, will soon be available to members.

The Car Sharing initiative is also scheduled to start shortly. This service, which will be available on the Club’s official website, will allow Club members that live outside of Barcelona to coordinate trips with other Club members when attending matches at the Camp Nou.

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