Vuelta de la Supercopa de España 2012

FC Barcelona will open the ticket petition process for the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup on August 1st at 10.00 (the game will be played at the Bernabéu on August 29 at 22.30). Members can petition for tickets through Thursday, August 2nd, at 19.00. The process is exclusive to Club members, and all petitions will have to be done through an online form on www.fcbarcelona.com.

Each member is limited to one ticket, however, up to four members may use the same online form in the event that said members want to travel together to Madrid. For this match, FC Barcelona have 575 tickets. As usual, 85% of the tickets are allocated to Club members (390) and Supporters Clubs (98). 15% of the tickets (86) are allocated to the Club for athletic, institutional and sponsorship purposes.

Draw on August 6

All petitions will be processed after August 2nd. In the event that demand for tickets surpasses supply, the Club will hold a draw, with the assistance of a notary, for all inscribed members. The Club will notify ticket-winning members on the 7th and 8th of August. Members will be able to pick up their tickets at the Club’s main ticket office. The action of requesting a ticket is considered a firm intention of purchase. In the event that payment cannot be charged, the right to the ticket is lost.

Ticket prices range from 40 euros to 145. Members under the age of 12 are excluded from the process.

Camp Nou tickets, available

Just like last season, the Spanish Super Cup is not included in the Camp Nou season ticket package. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity to experience a Barça - Madrid and the first official title of the 2012/13 season. Furthermore, ticket prices for the match start at 30 euros - a 40% discount from, for example,a La Liga Clásico. Note, ticket availability is extremely limited.

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