Kyle Maynard, who on Monday will be giving a talk at La Masia, met the FC Barcelona first team players this Sunday. He spoke briefly to Maesi, Tito, Cesc and others after the training session at the Ciutat Deportiva.

The 26 year old American is one of the most widely respected disabled sportspeople in the world. Born a congenital amputee, with no arms beyond the elbows and no legs from the knees, has managed to cope with a number of challenges throughout his life, and is even a freestyle wrestling champion in the state of Georgia. Indeed, a veritable example of how difficulties can be overcome.

100 guests

On Monday, the author of the book ‘No Excuses’ will be giving a talk to the members of different youth teams at the club in one of the rooms at La Masia. A total of one hundred players and coaches will be there to listen to Kyle Maynard, and will surely have much to learn from the experience.

The talk starts at 19.15, just in time for the members of the Juvenil B to be there, for they have a training session that ends at around 18.45.

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