Kyle Maynard durant la xerrada a La Masia / FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The author of the book ‘No excuses’, who met the FC Barcelona first team on Sunday, gave a talk on Monday evening at La Masia, attended by members of the FCB youth teams, plus others from Barça B and other sports sections. 26 year old Kyle Maynard is a congenital amputee, he has no arms beyond the elbows and no legs beyond the knees, but this hasn’t stopped him from meeting challenges, and setting an example for us all.

The American spoke frankly to his audience. “My message is very clear” he said. “It is not an easy message to live. There are no good excuses … We all have excuses, even Leo Messi and myself, but we can’t let these excuses limit our lives, we can’t let them take away our dreams.”

Personal motivations

“Sometimes we let our emotions carry us away and we don’t put our heart into what we do. We all have fears, hard things to overcome, but they can be overcome”, said Maynard, a man who was on the verge of giving everything up when he was just ten years old. “I was on the point of suicide. I thought about what my life was going to be liked, always depending on everyone. So I know what the dark side and having fears are like. But I also know that time can cure a lot of physical things as well as pain”.

Maynard knows that the important thing is to have targets and not to look for excuses not to achieve them. “We have to ask why we are here and what we can do to leave behind a better planet than the one we found. That is the strongest force there is inside of us”. Maynard’s latest achievement was to climb Kilimanjaro, another experience full of doubts and bad moments, but once again, he made it there.

General thanks

Maynard told the young hopefuls that “not all of you will make the first team, but I am sure that every one of you here is capable of doing it, it all depends on your motivation”. His audience was left with goose bumps. Patric, of Barça B, thanked Maynard for not taking his life at the age of ten “because you have taught us a lot of things. Tomorrow I am going to train harder than ever and will be thinking about the things you have said.”

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