After nearly six months of work and preparation, the 16 finalists selected by Nike will be announced this afternoon. The final test, which was refereed Howard Webb, pitted the final 26 players of the initial 100 contestants against each other in a match of 30 minutes thirds (total of 90 minutes).

This morning’s final was the end of the arduous road for many of the remaining 26 footballers, and they played their hearts out to make the final cut. The end result of the match was 3-2 for the blue team. The goal scorers of the match were - for the red team - Saife Alami and Buba Sonko, who scored two goals, and for the blue team, David Fernandes and Camilo.

The decision to be announced this afternoon

The trainers and managers will announce the 16 finalists of The Chance after they complete their exhaustive analysis of each and every player. The announcement will be made at 19.00 at the hotel Rey Juan Carlos I. The Chance will conclude this evening at 21.00 with a closing ceremony.

The prize

The 16 chosen players will train in the world’s best football facilities under the watchful eyes of big-team managers and scouts. If they impress, they might be given the chance to fulfill their dreams of being professional footballers.

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