Gabriel’s passion

The campus organised by the Club in Rio in July was a great success with more than 90 children taking part and also provided the opportunity for Gabriel, a young Brazilian who was born with no feet, to enjoy the event. Gabriel is 11 years old and is a big Barça fan and although he was born without feet, he took an active part in the campus, doing what he loves best. When the Club heard of Gabriel’s case, they immediately invited him to join the rest of the children at the campus – an initiative which was really appreciated by Deco, who visited the campus, and the rest of the participants who were able to share their experiences with him in training.

Values of the FCB Campus

Xevi Marcé, the director of the FCB Escola in Barcelona and across the world, explained: “we are running these campuses so that kids around the world can get to know our methods, the way we do things and our values. It’s very important for us that the children are happy and in the case of Gabriel particularly, that they are happy doing that which they most enjoy. The campuses bring the Club closer children all over the world, which is very important for us”.

Gabriel’s loves to play football and this FC Barcelona project will give him that opportunity - the chance to play in games with his mates, to train and do exercises to improve his skills and always with the ball at the centre of the activities. “for us the ball is the main protagonist and that means the kids enjoy themselves, because that is what they want” explained Xevi Marcé, “Gabriel’s passion is for the game and for our Club. The only thing we have done is to allow him to enjoy himself and have a good time here playing football”.

Overcoming difficulties

Despite the physical problems he was born with, Gabriel has shown during these days that he is more than able to overcome them and all the coaches and other children have been impressed with his ability to run, jump, shoot, dribble……Gabriel also had special friends he invited to the campus-Joel and Romarinho, Deco’s son.

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