El moment del lliurament. FOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Foto de família del lliurament. FOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

On Thursday, FC Barcelona received the ‘FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence’ certificate in recognition of its Medical Services – thus becoming the first club to ever receive the accolade. Jiri Dvorak, chief of the FIFA medical services, presented the award to Barça at an event that was also attended by president Sandro Rosell and the chief of the medical area, Jordi Monés.
“We want to thank FIFA for recognising our good work. FIFA and ourselves have many things in common, one of these being injury prevention. This is recognition of a job that we have been doing naturally, without being studied. It is the commitment to persistence, because we have had to renew the system every five years”, commented Monés.


Dream come true

Then one of the most important and influential people in the entire history of the Medical Services, Miquel Albanell, looked back over its history and described what this award means. “My dream has come true. It means a lot to be a doctor at Barça and this is an added honour”, said the doctor. Ramon Canal, meanwhile, wanted to congratulate everyone who has made this possible, “everyone from the players, to Antoni Rossich, to FIFA, to the Generalitat and all the professionals that aren’t directly connected to the club but have provided an exceptionally high quality service”.

“Barça comply with every criteria”

Jiri Dvorak, the head of the FIFA medical services, commented that “it’s a huge honour for me to be here. It’s the warmest welcome I’ve had in twenty years”. One of the things he stressed the most is how FIFA “wants to do everything possible to avoid early deaths of footballers … Barça has complied with every evaluation criteria and that is why Barça deserves to be a ‘FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence’".
Boi Ruiz, Councillor for Health at the Generalitat de Catalunya, was also there to praise Barça. “The best team in the world has to have the best medical services in the world” he said.

Strength to improve

The last person to speak was president Sandro Rosell, who said that “it is a pride and honour because this gives us the strength to continue working and doing a good job … a large number of the titles we have won are all thanks to the Medical Services. The work they do deserves to be recognised this way”.


Guided visits

Before the presentation there were a number of guided visits to the Medical Services. First of all, at 17.00 the press and radio stations were shown around the facilities. Then it was the turn of the photographers and finally television companies were invited in to record images inside the Centre. Later, at 18.00, there was an institutional tour for the main guests.

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