Fans in London. PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

FC Barcelona members have requested a total of 6,830 tickets for the away leg of the Champions League semi-final at the Allianz Arena, which will be played on Tuesday, April 23, at 20.45.

There will be a draw

On Wednesday at 9.30, the Club will hold a draw to see which members will get tickets for the match in Munich. On the same day, the Club will notify the ticket winning members.

It’s worth nothing that each member could only request one ticket, but up to four members could use the same ticket request form.

For this match, FC Barcelona have a total of 3,274 tickets, each one priced at 60 euros. As usual, 85% of the tickets are allocated to Club members (2,226) and Supporters Clubs (557). The remaining 15% (491) are reserved for athletic, institutional and sponsor purposes.

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