FC Barcelona has added an eighth language to its website: www.fcbarcelona.co.id. The inclusion of Indonesian implies a major step forward for the Club, which is continuing to expand its global presence, thus fostering links between Barça supporters wherever they might be in the world.

Following the recent complete revamp of the website, this latest language is yet another example of the club’s desire to promote itself to every corner of the globe. As well as versions in Catalan, Spanish and Catalan, the Japanese version was completely restructured this year, and Chinese, Arabic and French versions were created. Eight languages go to show how broad the global dimension of FC Barcelona is becoming, and its digital presence is already widely respected in the international community. Some 33 million page visits are made by more than 7.6 million single users every month.

The most global club

"We have always worked with the intention of creating a close bond between the Club and its supporters, and this Indonesian site is yet another example of this. Considering the passion for Barça in Indonesia, it was an obligation for us to create this website said Didac Lee, the director responsible for new technologies. “We are very happy to be able to address our Indonesian fans in their own language.”

New twitter: @fcbarcelona_id

Along with the launch of this latest language, the Club has also opened a new Twitter account in Indonesian: @fcbarcelona_id to offer fans a new tool to get the very latest Barça updates in their own language. Barça already has more than 16 million followers in the world of 140 character messages, spread across eight active accounts: @fcbarcelona @fcbarcelona_cat @fcbarcelona_es @fcbarcelona_fra @fcbarcelona_jap @fcbarcelona_ara. Indonesia has always been one of the most active countries in terms of participation in Barcelona’s social networks. No fewer than 9.3% of the fans of Barça’s official Facebook page are Indonesian (3.9 million out of the current total of 42 million users).

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