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FC Barcelona is dedicated to making its web content available in a wide variety of languages. It can now be enjoyed in seven different languages after the French and Arabic sections became operative this week.

The Club is keen to promote its name all around the world thanks to the advantages offered by new technologies. The web is now available in Catalan, Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, French and Japanese. Last season, the site was completely overhauled and Chinese was included among its array of languages.

Javier Faus, vice president of FC Barcelona, states that “the Club is working hard to become world online leaders”. On the French version, Faus said “this shows how the club wishes to embrace French culture. There is a lot of cultural and tourism exchange between France and Catalonia, and the French site will strengthen those links.” He also mentioned how the inclusion of French opens the doors to the Maghreb and all of French speaking Africa.

The launch of FC Barcelona’s international sections of its website is another way of forging new links with supporters all around the world. New technologies and social networks, in which FCB is a leading force on such sites as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Tencent Weibo, interconnect the Club with more than 350 million Barça members and fans all around the planet.

FC Barcelona is launching its Arabic and French websites just before the club plays preseason friendlies in Tangiers (July 28) and Paris (August 4), against Raja Casablanca and PSG, respectively, two cities where there is widespread passion for FC Barcelona.

Further information:

French website: www.fcbarcelona.fr

Arabic website: www.fcbarab.com

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