Sandro Rosell with Simon Peres during the Club president’s last visit to Israel / PHOTO: DANIEL BARÓN

The Israeli president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Simon Peres, has invited FC Barcelona to his 90th birthday celebrations to be held this week in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Club president Sandro Rosell and vice-president Javier Faus will travel to Israel on Sunday evening.

They will be the only representatives from the international world of sport. Among the celebrities who will attend the celebrations (Peres was born on 2nd August 1923) are Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and Mikhaïl Gorbachov.

Simon Peres and Sandro Rosell met in February as part of the official visit of FC Barcelona to Israel and Palestine when Rosell presented a project to make FC Barcelona a bridge for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Peres was enthusiastic about the project and since then has maintained a close relationship with Rosell.

Links with the Foundation

The Peres Center for Peace is led by the Israeli presented and encourages coexistence between the two communities through sports and education for children and young people. The FC Barcelona Foundation collaborates with Yala, the youth movement created by the Peres Center for Peace to promote peaceful coexistence between young Israelis and Palestinians, and organises events and activities at the Club when they visit Barcelona.

Next August, FC Barcelona will organise the FC Barcelona Peace Tour with the support of the Israeli government and the Palestine National Authority. This will include two sporting events involving children from Israel and Palestine together with the presence of all the players of FC Barcelona.

These sporting clinics will be held on 3rd August in Palestine and on 4th August in Israel and are organised by The Peres Center for Peace, the Israel F.A. and the Palestinian F.A.

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