Catalunya Turisme Fans

The Chinese supporters loved the FC Barcelona museum. ¨It’s very big, you can see all the cups that the club has won in its 114 years, it made me proud to support Barça” said Wang Jun, a journalism student who won the chance to come on this trip. “I am working had on my speciality and languages. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to follow my team as a professional reporter.”

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Although this is their first time in Barcelona, these fans were already well informed about the history of FC Barcelona thanks to the Chinese version of the website at www.fcbarcelona.cn and the sports media. “The museum is like a history book that tells us about the great moments in the club’s history and how it came to be so big” they said. They were particularly interested in the photo that explains why FCB fans came to be known as ¨culés¨ (meaning ‘bums’, because of the sight, from street level, of a row of bottoms sat along the top of the terraces). ¨It is very interesting to see these old pictures that tell us about so much history. I’d heard the anecdote about the name and this picture confirms it. Very interesting!” says Li Peihuang. ¨What I liked about the museum is where it explains about La Masía and things about the youth players. I work for a college magazine. I have interviewed a lot of young sportspeople and I’m very interested in finding about the training methods used at Barça, It means we can study the successful experience of such an internationally famous football academy” says Li.

It is very interesting to see these old pictures that tell us about so much history

Chen Feng works in human resources, and Ma Tingxiao is a 14 year old student, and both of them said they loved the opportunity to walk on the Camp Nou pitch. “The ground is incredible, it’s the biggest in Europe” they said. “When we see the field, we can imagine what it is like for the players to run around and score goals here.”

Now that their 6-day trip is over, the ‘star fans’ can go home with photos of such memories as the chance to touch the four Ballons d’Or won by Leo Messi: “When I get back to China, I’ll tell my Barça friends about this trip. I can tell them about Gaudí’s architecture, the atmosphere at the Camp Nou and how to make a potato omelette” says Wang Jun. “I hope to come back here one day and learn more about Catalan culture.”


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