A total of seven FC Barcelona players have claimed Olympic gold in the history of the Club. The latest player to do so was the Frenchman Cedric Sorhaindo. Of the 22 FC Barcelona athletes that participated in this edition of the Games, the Barça Intersport pivot is the only one to return to the Club with a gold medal. Sorhaindo’s success allows him to join Barça's select of group gold medalists: Guardiola, Messi, Saviola, Ferrer, Pinilla and Jerome Fernández.

First three claim gold in the Barcelona Games

Pep Guardiola, Albert Ferrer and Antoni Pinilla were the first FC Barcelona athletes to win the highest Olympic honour. It was when the Spanish national team beat Poland in the final at the Camp Nou in 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Pinilla was a FC Barcelona player but he was out on loan to Mallorca for 1991/92 season and played for Albacete for the 1992/93 season.

Saviola triumphs in Athens

12 years after Spain’s historic gold medal, in 2004, during the Athens Olympic Games, Javier Saviola claimed Olympic glory and became the fourth FC Barcelona athlete to win gold. The Argentinean national team beat Paraguay in the Olympic Stadium in Athens and Saviola returned to Barcelona with the gold medal around his neck. The player was sent out on loan to Monaco later that summer.

Two gold medals in Beijing

Up until this Sunday, Leo Messi and Jerome Fernández were the last FC Barcelona athletes to win a gold medal. They both realised their dream in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The Argentine forward, with Guardiola’s permission to participate in the international tournament, led his team to Olympic glory as Argentina edged Nigeria in the final.

Fernández, Barça’s handball player, claimed gold when France edged Island in the final. Fernández was the first non-football athlete to win gold in the Olympics.

FC Barcelona's seven gold medalists

Barcelona 1992
- Pep Guardiola (football)
- Albert Ferrer (football)
- Antoni Pinilla (football)

Athens 2004
- Javier Saviola (football)

Beijing 2008
- Leo Messi (football)
- Jerome Fernández (handball)

London 2012
- Cedric Sorhaindo (handball)

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