Barça's medalists

A total of 22 Barça athletes realised their collective dream of participating in the Olympic Games. Here’s an overview of how the Azulgranas did:

Gold and two silvers for Azulgrana handball

Three of the ten Barça Intersport players that featured in the London Olympic Games won medals. Sorhaindo, with the French national team, won the gold medal when his country beat Sjostrand and Jernermyr’s Sweden, both of whom finished with the silver, in the final. The Spanish national team, with seven Azulgranas - Víctor Tomás, Viran Morros, Raúl Entrerríos, Mikel Aguirrezabalaga, Dani Sarmiento, Albert Rocas and Eduardo Gurbindo - was eliminated just before the medal round by France in the quarter-finals.

Navarro and Sada, one set away from gold

Juan Carlos Navarro and Víctor Sada won the silver medal after losing to the United States in the hard-fought Olympic final. Navarro’s tournament started off slowly due to his plantar fascia injury, but the Barça Regal captain finished strong. Sada didn’t participate as much as his teammate, but he won the silver in his Olympic debut.

Marcelinho Huertas, with Brazil, and Joe Ingles, with Australia, both had notable performances as both their countries made it to the quarter-finals. Marcelinho was one of the best passers of the tournament, whilst Ingles, the tournament-high scorer for his team, put in fantastic performances in all of Australia’s matches. Finally, Jasikecivius also made it to the quarter-finals, like Ingles and Marcelinho, but was eliminated before the medal round.

Football, the unexpected upset

The three FC Barcelona players in the London Olympic Games - Jordi Alba, Cristian Tello and Martín Montoya - returned to Barcelona earlier than expected. The Spanish national team lost to Japan and Honduras and drew with Morocco. The three Azulgranas played in all three matches; Tello, as a substitute, Alba and Montoya, as starters.

Discreet track and field performances

Qualifying for a final of a track and field event is difficult. Jason Quiñónez, in his third Olympic showing, came in fourth in the 110 meter hurdles qualification heat, breaking the his personal best time of the season, but it wasn’t enough to see him through to the medal round.

Another Azulgrana, Ángel David Rodríguez, was also eliminated after his 100 meter heat. Rodríguez, who wasn’t completely comfortable due to possible injury, wasn’t able to equal his personal best time of the season, which would have qualified him for the final heat.

Abdelaziz Merzoughi, in the 3000 meter steeplechase, finished second to last and did not qualify for the final heat. The last FC Barcelona athlete to take to a track and field event was Nacho Cáceres. Cáceres featured in the most emblematic Olympic event, the marathon; he did not medal.

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