Tito Vilanova’s FC Barcelona will play five of friendlies this summer. Club members and fans will be able to accompany the first team as Barça jets around Europe and North Africa for the 2012/13 preseason. FCBVitages has prepared package travel and lodging deals for members and fans, starting at €345.

First stop, Germany

Barça’s first destination is Hamburg, Germany, where Tito Vilanova’s team will make its official debut. The team will face Hamburg SV, on July 24 at 18.00. Members and non-members alike will be able to travel with Barça’s first team throughout the preseason.

Complete preseason schedule

After the trip to Germany, Barça will travel to Tangiers, Morocco, to face Raja Club Casablanca, on July 28, and then head off to Paris, France, to play against PSG on Agust 4. On August 8, Barça will travel to Gothenburg, Sweden, and on August 11 Barça will fly to Bucharest, Romania. (The team will remain in Romania for three days.)

Information and reservations

For more information please visit www.fcbiatges.com, you can also book your travel over the phone, 935 530 780, 933 009 092 orl 933 004 873, or visit any Halcón Viatges o Viatges Ecuador office.

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