Inauguration day of Les Corts Stadium

At the start of the 1920s there was an air of euphoria in the city due to the excellent form of the team and the healthy state of the Club. It was clear that the 4,000 capacity Carrer Industria ground – opened in 1909 – was too small for the increasingly popular team, about to enter its Golden Age with players such as Samitier, Piera and Alcántara. President Joan Gamper then decided to build a new ground: “to meet all the conditions which the good name of the Club, its glorious history and the honour of Catalan football demand”.

The area chosen to build the new ground on was known as Can Ribot, or Can Guerra, and was situated in the Les Corts district between Carrer Numancia and the Travessera de les Corts (very close to the current Camp Nou). The land cost a total of 928.500 pesetas, but it was well worth the price, On February 8th 1922 an emotional Joan Gamper signed the property deeds for the land on which the new ground was to be built.

A few days later – 19th February- the solemn ceremony of laying the first foundation stone for the future Les Corts Stadium was held. At 11.00 a large number of Barça fans and members set out from the newly named Carrer París-Urgell (previously Carrer Industria). They were accompanied by the Casa de Familiar marching band, the Club Standard carried by the ex-wrestling champion and fervent Barça fan Josep Ardèvol, the members of the Club’s four teams, representatives of the City Council and the Mancomunitat and the complete Board of Directors. When they arrived at Can Ribot, Father Lluís Sabaté –Club member number 79 and a diehard fan, blessed the foundation stone. From a small stage set up for the authorities, Joan Gamper made an emotional speech in which he said: “on this ground, conquered by hard work and love, we will plant roots. With past victories remembered, there will be many more to come on this blessed ground. Cheer up your hearts – we have a new ground!”

The following day, building work began in earnest and in a record time of three months, after much hard work day and night, the new ground was completed and the new Les Corts Stadium, with a capacity of 22,000, was solemnly opened on May 20th 1922

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