MuscleTech Network

Next Tuesday October 2 at 9.30, the 4th Annual Meeting of the MuscleTech Network will be getting under way. It takes place over two days on the FC Barcelona grounds (Avinguda Arístides Maillol, s/n, Avantllotja Lateral, porta 68, Accés 14) and involves the collaboration of the FC Barcelona Foundation, Leitat and the Leo Messi Foundation, and participation by the Generalitat’s General Secretary for Sport and Egarsat.

It starts on Tuesday with the official opening conducted by Jordi Monés, director of the FC Barcelona medical department, Eusebi Cima, president of the Centre Tecnològic Leitat, Dr. Xavier Gassó, director of healthcare management at Egarsat and Albert Marco, Director of the Catalan Sports Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Presentation of research results

These scientific meetings, organised by the MuscleTech Network, will be used to review the challenges and progress in the prevention, diagnosis and cure of muscle and tendon injuries.

Catalan scientists and professionals, through the MuscleTech Network, work with hospitals, universities and research centres in order for these new treatments to become a reality in the cure of patients.

The results will be presented of research activities on muscular and skeletal illnesses, disorders and injuries based on these new approaches and coordinated by the MuscleTech Network.

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