Basora playing at the Camp Nou / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Estanislau Basora wanted to be remembered in Catalonia and he will be. The remains of the ex-FC Barcelona player will be transferred from Las Palmas of Gran Canaria to Barcelona. The funeral chapel will open for a vigil on Tuesday at Les Corts, the religious ceremony and burial will take the following Wednesday at 13:00.

The President and members of the board of directors, representing all of the members of Fútbol Club Barcelona, express their sincerest condolences and join in the grief of Basora’s family.

Tuesday, respectful moment of silence at the Camp Nou

Before the Barça-Granada match (21:00), the stadium will hold a moment of silence in memory of the Barça winger that was part of the legendary Cinco Copas team. Basora defended the Barça colours from 1946 through 1958.

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