Foto: arxiu FCB.

The Assembly will take place on Saturday September 24th , with a first calling at 15.00 and a second half an hour later. According to Toni Freixas, the Assembly will. "ratify the contract with Qatar Sports Investments, the initiative 'Camp Nou sense fum' and approve the project of the 'grada d'animació'". The board spokesman insisted: "we understand that the members wish to have their say and we are determined that they should have the final word".

Qatar deal

Referring to the Qatar Foundation contract, Freixa explained: "there was an agreement made at the 2003 Assembly which authorises the inclusion of publicity on the shirts, so this consultation is not actually required by the statutes, but for us it is simply a question of respect and consideration for the members' wishes". At the same time, he pointed out that "the board believe this is the best sponsorship deal possible and that the members will agree with us on this".

No smoking rules

The decision to forbid smoking at the Camp Nou will also be discussed and Toni Freixa explained: "the board recommended a ban on smoking and we announced that it would be put to the Assembly to include it in the Club regulations, as has been done in other countries".

New "grada d'animació" plans

A further point for the Assembly is the creation of "grada d'animació" and Freixas pointed out: "we aren't just bringing this up again- this is a new proposal with strict security measures".

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