Sandro Rosell and Florentino Pérez / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Just before the traditional luncheon between directors of both clubs in Madrid, Florentino Pérez and Sandro Rosell held a pre-match press conference. The president of Real Madrid said, “the interest in the Clásico is worldwide,” so he expects that the game “lives up to expectations.” Sandro Rosell, after thanking Florentino Pérez and his Board for their hospitality, said that within the context of “healthy rivalry” that the game “should be an example of sportsmanship to the footballing community.”

Florentino Pérez confirmed that Real Madrid comes into the game with “a lot of eagerness,” and that he judges the Clásico to be “just another game, but an important one at the same time ... The most important thing is that today we have a festival of football, I’m sure the teams will live up to our expectations.” Barça’s president, said that because of how the “League table is, because of the field we’re playing on and because of the stats, that Madrid is most likely the favourite for tonight’s match.” But Rosell added, “we have the best manager in the world and we consider that we also have the best players,” therefore, “the statistics are there to be broken.”

It won’t be a decisive game in the Liga

Both presidents agree that no matter what happens tonight between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, keeping in mind that there is much of the Liga still yet to be played, that tonight’s result will not be decisive in the title race. “Being this far into the season, whatever happens will not be definitive, nothing is transcendental about this match. It’s clear that this is an important game in the title race for both teams. I’m sure we’ll give a good impression, the most important thing is that we perform in this football festival for the world,” said Florentino Pérez. Sandro Rosell, along the same lines, said, “whoever wins will gain an interesting position in the League, but it won’t mean anything in regards to the end of the season. Nothing is definitive today, the League won’t be over and the world isn’t ending.”

Both presidents, happy for Tito Vilanova

Florentino Pérez and Sandro Rosell were happy that Guardiola’s assistant coach is able to be at the Santiago Bernabéu tonight. “I want to convey Real Madrid’s satisfaction that Tito Vilanova is able to be part of the game at the Bernabéu,” said President Pérez. Sandro Rosell, said that FC Barcelona “had claimed a morale boost,” seeing that Barça is able to count on their assistant coach, “above any rivalry comes human quality.” He added, “we are happy because we have someone with us that we all love.”

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