After the board of directors, in October, approved the allocation of seats released, to members registered on the waiting list, this week the allocation process of the 200 available seats has begun. The members have been invited by the Club, in strict order of registration on the waiting list and, until 20th December, to turn up at the Customer Service Office (OAB), from 9.00 to 19.00, to complete the process. To acquire one of these seats it's essential to bring ID and membership card.

The Club provides the applicant the opportunity to access their seat from January on, which involves paying 50% of the total price, since half of the season has gone, or reserve the seat for next season. In both cases, to become the title holder of the new seat, members must pay the amount corresponding to three years, for the seat, which is non-refundable. Members who don't attend within the dates indicated, or give up the proposed seats, will lose order of seniority on the list.

The Club has made available, to members who are part of the waiting list to purchase a ticket, a total of 200 seats spread throughout the stadium. These seats are amongst the ones released this season, once valued and attended to the complaints by the Member's Sindicate. The first members who have gone through the OAB have appreciated the wide diversity of tickets, because there are seats in the main stands, as well as behind the goals. In the first two days, a total of 54 of the 60 members called up already have their new seat.

Transparency, the main objective

From last March 1st, FC Barcelona made available to members of the Club the opportunity to consult, through the club website, the waiting list for seats for the Camp Nou. Those included in this list were the result of a ratification process amongst members without a seat, who, in recent years, had expressed the desire to apply for a seat, in which 5,866 of the 9,141 registered members took part. The Club also made room for new members who wanted to get involved with this possibility, a total of 1,097. Once completed these processes, the Club made available to members an 'online' service that allows easier and safer access, in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act. With this technological solution, the Club put into effect the commitment, at election time, made by the Board to promote transparency in the allocation process for new subscriptions.

Expanding the ​​wheelchair area

In addition to these 200 seats, the Club has opened the application period for the award of 14 new seats for people registered on the waiting list for people in wheelchairs. The procedures to be followed and requirements are the same as for the rest of the members who wish to acquire a seat. We remind everybody that the Club has expanded, in recent times, areas for the disabled, which has gone from 24 unaccompanied places, to 48 places for wheelchairs, plus 48 for people who accompany them.

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