Sandro Rosell will travel to London on February 6th to attend the Laureus World Sports Awards gala. The president is very proud of the Club’s three nominations and he highlights the importance of these awards as an incentive “to keep on applying ourselves and maintain this level [of excellency] in the coming years.”

Abidal, Messi and the Club could receive awards in tomorrow’s ceremony. “Abidal for overcoming a personal health issue; Messi, because he’s the best in the world, I think that’s indisputable and the whole world recognises it, and the Club because of the institution it represents,” said the Barça president. He added: “the nominations of Abidal, Messi and the Club is an honour, and it will help us keep on working and thinking about how to keep up this level in the future.” The FC Barcelona president said, “it’s very hard to achieve things in life, but it’s harder still to maintain that level [of excellence].”

“Barça has reached the whole world”

Barça’s three nominations are a recognition of the Club’s philosophy that has spread worldwide: “Barça’s message has reached everywhere, especially because of the team, the manager, how they play, and their athletic accomplishments. But also how everything was won,” said the president. Sandro Rosell highlighted that “the Club has invested in La Masia for 30 years, and thanks to that, homegrown players are coming up [to the first team]. They all learn together, they are brothers, they are friends, they grow up together, and they mature with the values that are taught at home.” Along these lines, he said “this transmits [to the rest of the world], and people from outside see it and it sticks.”

The president is very pleased with the nominations and the international recognition the Club is receiving, he highlighted, however, that his hope is that the Club’s message reaches children: “I want the Club to be the most appreciated and loved by the children of the world.”

Travel itinerary

Sandro Rosell will depart from El Prat airport in Barcelona accompanied by the Institutional Vice-President Carles Vilarrubí at 10.00. Between five and six in the afternoon, the president will attend the Laureus Sports for Good reception hosted by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. The reception will gather the best athletic talents to celebrate the power of sport in the run up to the London Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in 2012.

The Laureus World Sports Awards gala will start at 19.30, it is scheduled to end two hours later. The president will return to Barcelona on Tuesday, February 7, in a private jet that will leave London at 11.05.

*All times given are GMT

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