Speaking at the presentation of the agreement between the FC Barcelona Foundation and Intervida, FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has made it clear that he has every faith in the team. Rosell answered questions about the current state of affairs, and said that he already qualifies this season as 'brilliant', in reference to the fact that they have already won three titles, and are still in the hunt for three more.

Rosell believes Barça "are still alive in the league ... there are plenty of games left." He knows that the FC Barcelona members feel "solid and remember their history ... they love the team, who are so confident and keen to play ... They won't throw in the towel and will fight for the league until the end, I'm sure of that, but there are also external factors that can make life more difficult ... But at the end of the day, we mustn't forget that this is just a game. If we do win, then fantastic, but if not then we shall still have set an example for football, attitude and doing things right".

The president of FC Barcelona has said that the club would love to renew Josep Guardiola's contract, and "the sooner the better .. that would always be a massive boost, it would be great." But asked whether he would prefer to win the league or extend Guardiola's contract he had no doubt in replying that he'd want both.

Asked about what is going on in relation to the Committees, Rosell said he'd rather answer that question at the end of the season, merely saying that "I have nothing to say about that for the moment .. But at the moment things don't look good for Barça." If he feels it convenient at the end of the season "I'm sure that Barça will say their bit ... because football should ultimately be based on fair play". The FCB president made it clear that what he was saying was purely "in the name of football and fair-play".

The importance of the Cup

Sandro Rosell said that Barça "treat all three competitions it's involved in as important, including the Copa del Rey". Looking ahead to the semi final first leg with Valencia, he said that "the team will be going there to win ... It's another title, and we should remember that if we win it, we will have won more trophies than any other European team this year".

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