This is one of FC Barcelona’s most glorious periods in the Club’s 112 year history. Winning the Best team in the World crown this Sunday was the icing on the cake in a year where Barça’s professional teams (football, basketball, handball, roller hokey and futsal) lifted a total of 16 trophies. It was a record year for FC Barcelona. Sandro Rosell is satisfied and proud of the hard work the athletes put in to accomplish such a feat. However, the president is also proud of the Club's social and economic improvements, “we are straightening out the difficult situation that we found the Club in when we got here ... this past fiscal year we reduced the deficit by 66 million euros,” something that, according to the president, “will help us move the project forward in the future.”

Barcelona unity

Among the Board’s many challenges there is on that is fundamental for President Rosell. The president’s main goal is to achieve unity within the Club. Rosell is aware that the division in the Azulgrana world is a longstanding issue that is nothing new and the reason that it exists is because of “historic reasons.” But the president said that he’s “stubborn” and he “will try to find unity.” The president and his board of directors are open to extending their hand to “the small pockets [of people associated with the Club] that are not excited to be part of the best football team in the history of the sport.” Rosell made note that “people of great significance within these groups” were invited to partake with the Club during finals and other momentous occasions. Even though they did not come “we will continue to try,” because Rosell is sure that “we will do everything within our power for them to come, everyone is welcome here.” Rosell understands that Barça is going through a glorious moment and he believes everyone associated with the Club “must row in the same direction.”

‘Espai Barça’

A year and a half after taking charge of the Club, Sandro Rosell believes that the promises he made during the presidential campaign are well on their way to fulfillment, if not completed already. But he said that the ‘Espai Barça,’ the project to remodel the Camp Nou, Palau and the surrounding facilities, “has not been completed because we weren’t certain about the Club’s economic situation when we took charge.” The project, however, still factors into the board’s agenda, because “it’s necessary for the Club’s future.” Therefore the Club, according to the president, must work “to find the additional funds to accomplish the goal.”

Another pending project for the board of the directors is the official cheering stand, a project approved by the Members General Assembly. Rosell explained that “it’s necessary so that we can cheer our players and managers on, but it’s a project we will launch only after we have absolute security.”

Presumption of innocence in the Urdangarin case

Sandro Rosell was also asked if the Club had made a decision in regards to Iñaki Urdangarin, patron of the FC Barcelona Foundation. “We believe in presuming innocence until proven otherwise. If he’s found guilty, the board will convene to take the appropriate measures.”

Evaluation of the Qatar Foundation agreement

At the end of 2010, Barça announced that it had come to an agreement with the Qatar Foundation to sponsor the first team’s jersey. Sandro Rosell talked about the agreement and highlighted the fact that it was approved by the Members General Assembly. “90% of the members said yes. Our members said that they wanted the Qatar Foundation on our jersey.” Besides the money that the Club receives from the sponsorship, “it’s a proposition that helps us develop the Club’s future.” The president also mentioned that Barça’s jersey is “the most sold jersey in the world.”

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