Toni Freixa, en roda de premsa / FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The Club received the official complaint made by the Comitè Tècnic d'Àrbitres, which had been passed on to the Comitè de Competició, concerning remarks that Gerard Piqué made after the Sporting game last Saturday. Spokesperson Toni Freixa condemned the fact that "there were just two photocopied cuttings from Madrid newspapers as proof". The Club now has five days to submit any comments to the disciplinary committee.

Freixa also reiterated the statement made by Club vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu,  that the Club will appeal against the red card Piqué received" so that he can play in the Sardinero on Sunday – we will defend our player".

Money from COPE case to go to charity

Freixa also announced that Wednesday's board meeting had discussed the current state of the Club's legal proceedings against the COPE radio station after they had made allegations of doping against Barça players: "it's a civil case against the station and the journalist concerned. Last week COPE admitted that they were wrong and was an illegitimate intrusion and they would be paying 200,000 Euros as a consequence".

Freixas reminded reporters that the case had been brought "to defend the honour of our  sportsmen" and that the Club now considered the case closed. "It's the end of the case when the people you have brought it against give in. Had we continued with it, we would have only been quibbling about money and our honour doesn't have a price. We'll be donating the money to a good cause".  The money will go to the TV3 fund raising event  -La Marató – which is aiming to raise funds to fight poverty and social exclusion and will probably be held in May.

Cup Final "will be a great party"

Finally, Sr Freixas spoke of the upcoming Spanish Cup Final which will be held at the Vicente Calderón Stadium: "in the end, the Federation decided to hold it there. It's fantastic to be in the final and we are very happy to play there  - as we would have been to play anywhere else that had been chosen. It's a great stadium and I know they will receive us with open arms – it'll be a great party!".

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