Overview of the Vicente Calderón ahead of teh King's Cup Final

On Friday, May 25th, Athletic Club Bilbao and FC Barcelona will face off at the Vicente Calderón in the King’s Cup Final. Here are a couple of suggestions to facilitate entry into the stadium from the Organization for fans travelling to Madrid to cheer on the team:

- It’s recommended that fans utilize public transportation to get to the Vicente Calderón. There is a metro stop adjacent to the stadium in addition to various bus lines.

- If you plan on driving to the stadium, be prudent. When you arrive, follow the instructions from the Policía Local.

- If you travel by bus from your point of origin (which will likely be the same way you return), remember to memorize where the bus is parked, the identification number and the license plate of the bus.

 - Access to the Vicente Calderón is digitally controlled. Avoid last minute crowds and occupy your seats ahead of time. The stadium’s doors will open to the public two hours before kickoff. Musical performances are scheduled for this time.

- Once you gain access to the stadium, keep on moving. Pay attention to the internal signs that will lead you to your seat.

- Go to the office adjacent to Door 51 for any issues regarding your ticket.

- The person who purchased a ticket is ultimately responsible for its proper use. Once the match starts, and if the match is suspended for any reason, the cost of said ticket will not be refunded.

- The organization will restrict access to the stadium to fans of a club that present tickets designated to fan of the opposing team.

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