Camp Nou

With the Cup playoff looming between FC Barcelona and CA Osasuna on the 4th of January, the Club will start the process of replacing the Camp Nou’s pitch this week with the goal of completing the transplant before the 29th of December. The Club is also negotiating with the RFEF and Osasuna to change the order of the last-16 Cup clash to ensure a wider margin of time for a successful pitch transplant. If Barça's bid is successful the game at the Camp Nou will be played on the 11th or 12th of January.

The transplant will start with the removal of the current pitch followed by conditioning the subsoil and stabilizing the terrain. Upon completion of this process, the procedure of laying new pitch will begin.

Once the new pitch is laid, the work of preparing and consolidating the new turf will start.

FC Barcelona is striving to have optimal pitch conditions at the Camp Nou for the final stretch of the season.

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