La nova samarreta, a la FCB Botiga del Camp Nou / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Last week at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art the new FC Barcelona uniform for the 2012-13 season was unveiled, and on Monday members were finally able to purchase the new design. Monday was a bank holiday in Barcelona, but the FCB Botiga at the Camp Nou was open nevertheless for people to be among the first to get hold of the eye-catching new Barça kit. It is also available at other official points of sale.

Casual clothing also popular

At the moment, both the first and third kits are on sale for men, ladies and children. Those interested in the second kit will have to wait a few more days. The FCB Botiga at the Camp Nou has also released the casual garments based on the same design. The idea is for the new uniforms to further forge the association between the Club and its supporters.

Well received

Taking advantage of the holiday in Barcelona, and the fact that the Camp Nou facilities were open nevertheless, many people were there from the early hours of the morning, eager to be among the first to acquire the new kit. The 2012-13 design seems to have generally gone down extremely well among Barça fans and members.

Change of image

The new FC Barcelona uniforms for the 2012/13 season include the totally new idea of having the red and blue striped gradually merge into each other. The Club is famous for making use of local talent and merging these young players with some of the biggest stars from around the world, qualities that have inspired this new design, which incorporates youth, tradition and creativity.

Also at FCB Botiga Online

The new first team kits for the forthcoming season can also purchased from FCB Botiga Online.

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