The nets being removed / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB


The process of removing the safety nets behind both goals at the Camp Nou began
this Monday after Board Secretary and spokesperson Toni Freixa announced the
measure at his last press conference. The job will be finished by Tuesday and be ready
for the league game against Zaragoza on Saturday.

Mr Freixa revealed that the decision to remove the netting had been taken after
listening to the opinions of members who reckoned they impeded their view of the
action: “we no longer need them, as our supporters behave in a model fashion”.

Fans behaviour key according to Cardoner

The Vice President with responsibility for the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner has also
made the point that: “we have seen over recent months that a number of members are
in disagreement with the netting. In their day they were probably needed, but now our
fans’ civil and model behaviour allows us to remove them.”

The netting itself has not been needed for a number of years, but the support structure
for them has been maintained and been criticised for spoiling the view from a number
of seats. Cardoner explained: “the decision was taken to resolve a serious problem as
the structures limited the view of a number of members behind the goals.”

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