The ticket application process for the King’s Cup final against Athletic Club at the Vicente Calderón came to a close this Wednesday at 19:00. A total of 61,592 tickets were petitioned through 27,302 applications during the six days that Club members had to apply for a ticket - the process opened on Friday morning.

It’s worth mentioning that each member was allowed to apply for one ticket, however, up to four petitions could be filed per application, should those members want to travel together.

The draw, Tuesday at 9:30

FC Barcelona will hold a draw at 9:30 in the Ricard Maxenchs Press Room. The draw is open to Club members and it will be conducted with the assistance of a notary.  The notary will validate the drawn numbers via computer, from which the 13,600 available tickets to the Club will be distributed to members.

The draw, open to members, will be broadcast live on Barça TV. Vice president of the FC Barcelona’s Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, and vice president of FC Barcelona’s Institutional Area, Carles Villarrubí, will be present.

Tickets starting at €60

On the 10th, 11th, and 12th of April, the Club will inform ticket-winning members on how to collect their tickets as well as finalize payment. If a member is awarded a ticket, the Club will automatically charge the ticket reservation fee of €60, which is the minimum price for a ticket. The difference in price, should a member desire to upgrade their ticket, will be paid at the ticketing window upon ticket collection. The ticket pick-up process will follow the order of the draw. In the event that the Club cannot charge the reservation fee, the right to reserve a ticket will be lost to the member.

85% of the tickets, for Club members

85% of the tickets for Club members 

The Vicente Calderón has a capacity of 50,000, each club will have 20,000 to give out to their fans, while the rest are reserved for the Spanish Football Federation. As usual, 85% of the tickets available for the final (17,000) are allocated to members (13,600) and Supporters Clubs (3,4000). The remaining 15% (3,000) are reserved for the Club for institutional and sponsorship purposes.

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