Barça's four professional teams have won 300 titles

For many years, Barça fans have been enjoying not only the football team’s successes but the achievements of the Club’s professional basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal teams. 

Now, with the latest title won by Barça’s roller hokey team this Monday, the Club boast a record of 300 titles won between all the professional teams. These titles are divvied up in the following way: 73 for the basketball team, 115 for the handball team, 101 for the roller hockey team and 11 for the futsal team. This record proves that Barça is the best multi-sport Club in the entire world.

The Catalonia Championship of 1942

In the 1941/42 season, when FC Barcelona had 39 football titles and 82 amateur trophies in the Club’s trophy cabinet, the basketball team (founded in 1926) won the Catalonia Championship, the team’s first basketball title. During that time, Barça’s basketball team reconverted the South Goal area of Les Corts stadium into a clay court (like tennis) for its home games. Even though there was seating available, fans usually took advantage of the stairs and railings around the stadium to watch the team play.

Barça’s basketball team won their first title in Barça’s football stadium, they beat out teams like Laietà, L’Hospitalet, Manresa, Juventut, Mataró, Espanyol, Cercle Catòlic and Ripollet. Barça won 15 matches and only lost 3. The team had players like Manuel Martín ‘Manolín,’ Miquel Carreras, Pedro Carreras, Fernando Font, Joan Borrell, Joan Ferrando and Francisco Martínez, many of whom have unjustly been forgotten by history. Barça’s basketball team went on to win the Spanish Championship the following year.

Four winning teams

The handball team, which was founded in 1942 and also played at Les Corts stadium, won the Catalan League title in the 1943/44 season. The roller hockey team, founded in the same year, had to wait until the 1952/53 season to claim the Spanish Championship, their first title. Finally, the youngest team of them all, the futsal team, which was founded in 1978, won their first title, the King’s Cup in 1988/89.

Now, 70 years after the basketball team claimed their first title on the clay of Les Corts stadium, Barça’s four professional teams boast over 300 titles between them.

Without a doubt, this is one the main reasons that explain why Barça is more than a Club.

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