FC Barcelona-Athletic Club, final de la Copa del Rei

This Friday at 10:00, March 30th, the Club will open up the ticket petition process for the the King’s Cup final in Madrid against Athletic Bilbao (May 25th at 22:00). The process, which is exclusive to Club members, will be open until 19:00 on April 4th.

It’s worth remembering that this process requires Club members to fill out an online application form on the Club’s website (www.fcbarcelona.com) starting this Friday. As usual, each member is allowed to petition for one ticket, however up to four members can be included on one application form, in the event that said members want to travel together. Members under the age of 12 are excluded from this process.

Possible draw on the 10th

All of the petitions will be handled after the established cutoff date. In the event that there are more petitions than there are tickets available, the Club, with the assistance of a notary, will hold a public draw on April 10th at 10:00. On the 10th, 11th and 12th, the Club will inform members that won a ticket, how and when to collect the ticket and finalise the payment process.

You must have a bank card

Completing the application process indicates that a member has the intention of buying a ticket. Therefore, after completing the application, members will be asked to input their bank card data. In the event that a ticket is granted the member’s card will automatically be charged the sum of the ticket price (€60). The difference will be paid at the ticket window should the member wish to upgrade their ticket (limited availability).

Starting at €60

Prices for tickets for the King’s Cup final in Madrid against Athletic Club start at €60. In the event of applying for multiple tickets (one ticket per person, up to four persons on an application form), only one bank card’s data is required to reserve said tickets. If the charge defaults, the right to reserve a ticket is lost.

85% of the tickets for Club members

The Vicente Calderón has a capacity of 50,000, each club will have 20,000 to give out to their fans, while the rest are reserved for the Spanish Football Federation. As usual, 85% of the tickets available for the final (17,000) are allocated to members (13,600) and Supporters Clubs (3,4000). The remaining 15% (3,000) are reserved for the Club for institutional and sponsorship purposes.

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