Partit entre el Bayer Leverkusen i el FC Barcelona / FOTO: ARXIU FCB

"The Board wants to crack down on the fraudulent resale of tickets" said an emphatic Toni Freixa as he explained events at Wednesday's meeting of senior directors. After irregularities were detected at the game in Milan (where there were Italian supporters in the Barça zone), FC Barcelona decided to implement special measures for the game in Leverkusen.

Toni Freixa explained that the data for applications for tickets for the game with Bayer Leverkusen were cross-compared with those for the AC Milan fixture, and 180 cases were detected of possible cases of ticket touting. To check this, Barça requested the collaboration of the host club, and sent its own staff, both from the ticketing and security departments, to Germany. The next step was to cancel these tickets, which were purchased at a considerably higher cost than the original 20 or 26 euros, in order to prevent the ticket holders from getting into the stadium.

Over to the Disciplinary Committee

Once these tickets had been detected, the person was taken to a ticket booth to find out where the ticket was purchased. If it was an FC Barcelona supporter, they were allowed to enter, while Bayer fans were refused access on the basis of UEFA's crowd segregation rules. Finally, it was determined that of the 180 suspicious tickets, 179 had indeed been resold. Given this situation, the Board has passed the issue over to the Disciplinary Commission, who as Freixa says "is the body that will call a meeting to investigate these cases".

Running for Barça

On another matter, the secretary and spokesman for the Barça board of directors spoke about the decision to promote an initiative that will be called "Corrent fem Barça" (Running for Barça) and will "encourage leisure, health and social activity among the members in the form of a series of fun runs." The idea is to maintain a series of tables of exclusive and parallel results for Barça members that take part in certain fun runs. The tables will be available for viewing on the club website.

"No concern about Guardiola renewing"

Asked about the possible renewal of Josep Guardiola's contract, Toni Freixa made it very clear that the Club is not worried about the matter, adding that if he were to stay here for longer "it would be good news at any time ... The Board has every confidence in the manager and the way the squad is being handled."

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