Web FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona has consolidated its commitment to a strong digital strategy with the release of a new web platform that will serve to accelerate real-time information and propagate the Sentiment Blaugrana (Barca feeling) worldwide. Barça’s was the most visited of all the Professional Football League’s websites, with over 100 million hits this past year.

The new web platform boasts over 6,000 pages and a digitized database of 12,000 photos. The web platform is available in six languages, it also consolidates information for five elite professional teams.

This is not simply a release of a new website but a new web platform system where several websites are available: Members, Peñas, Business, Foundation, Barça Fans, and FCB Junior. The platform was built to better serve the broad Barca fan base, and adapt to the constant flux of different world wide audiences.

Social media leaders

The new platform has the Club’s most current information, games, results, standings, real-time statistics, strong social media integration - where Barça leads in Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube - and a digitized archive of historical content.

The members, peñistas, and FC Barcelona supporters can start enjoying the new web platform, that will be evolving over the next couple of weeks, today. The platform will allow for a streamlined online experience (data update, card renewals, etc.) and an improved system for real-time information sharing (news, alerts, statistics, newsletters, ect.)

The web platform is also a new source of funding for the Club; both the e-commerce section and the ticket sale system have been updated and improved.

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