Over the coming year of 2012, the Club is planning to fully update its membership list. Toni Freixa spoke about the subject at his press conference this Tuesday, where he explained the outcome of the latest Board meeting. He explained that the membership lists have not been updated since 2004. "That was eight years ago, and logically things have happened since then that mean we need to update it, such as the increase in membership by 50,000."

The last time the membership list was updated in 2004 there were 120,379 members, a number that has since increased by 32.34% to the current tally of 177,928.

Not imminent

Freixa then confirmed that this update is not going to happen imminently, but will be announced via the club's usual communication channels in due course. "That is when all Barça members will be asked to go to the OAB to prove their identities." Their photographs will also be updated as part of the process.

He added that the main reason for this revision was "to promote transparency ... the membership list must reflect the reality of the FC Barcelona membership."

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