Zheng Shusu, a la dreta de la imatge, rep la samarreta / FOTO: FCB.

Zheng Shusu, a teacher at a school in the city of Wenzhou in southeast China has finally obtained recognition for her support for Barça. Zheng took part in a competition organised by Catalunya Turisme and Tencent, in collaboration with Turkish Airlines, Nike and FC Barcelona, for promoting our country in China.

In the third phase of the competition, the prize for which was a trip for the three winners to spend a week on the Costa Brava and in Barcelona, enjoying the Sant Jordi celebrations, the teacher recorded a video that clearly showed how she feels about Barça. The video ended up winning the competition.

Zheng Shusu not only showed her love for Barça in the video, but also that of her young pupils. In the pictures, the children answer questions about the club, sing the anthem and chant the names of the first team players.

Unfortunately, Zheng was unable to travel to Barcelona for bureaucratic reasons. Therefore, Catalunya Turisme, Tencent and FC Barcelona decided to distinguish the teacher in special fashion, by sending her a shirt with her name on and the number ‘8’ (which signifies luck in Chinese culture).

The representatives of Catalunya Turisme and Tencent Sport travelled on Wednesday to the city in southeast China, where Zheng lives, and presented her with such a significant prize.

“It is a wonderful surprise to get this gift”

Zheng said that “it is a wonderful surprise to get this gift, I never even dreamed of a moment like this. I want to say that I am and always will be a Barça fan. Barça will always be in my heart”.

The competition was a huge success, not just in China but in Catalonia too. More than 10,000 Chinese people sent messages to enter the Tencent competition. On the six days of the trip to Catalonia for the winners, the homepage on which the winners described their experiences received 2,520,000 visits. Huge numbers of Chinese citizens have started to learn about Catalonia thanks to Barça and the travels of Xia Miao, Shang Yan and Xie Bin, the three young Barça supporters who became ambassadors for their country in Catalonia.


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