Sandro Rosell i Dídac Lee presenten l'estratègia digital del FC Barcelona / FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Barça presented their new digital strategy this Thursday, making a firm commitment to new technologies. Club President Sandro Rosell announced that: "the Club is aiming for a global reach without losing its identity."

Mr. Rosell and the board member responsible for the Technology Area, Dídac Lee, presented the Club's new digital strategy aimed at bringing the Club to its members and fans all over the world, this Thursday. The strategy: "will be a fundamental tool in helping the Club to continue growing," according to the President: "we want to speak to all the Barça people and open new markets."

Web Platform: "just the tip of the iceberg"

The presentation coincided with the unveiling of the Club's new official website, though Mr. Lee insisted: "what you see online is just the first step in the Club's digital strategy - it's the tip of the iceberg of what we are going to have. The project will evolve and we will be changing every month."

The director in charge of the Technology Area clearly laid out the mission of this new strategy: "to generate an audience, build up brand loyalty and use that to increase our economic resources," insisting on the need to be aware of all three objectives.

Global audience

For the first of these objectives, the Club is determined to maintain its leading presence on social networking sites, where it dominates on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube: "we will go out and look for our audience, wherever they are," according to Mr. Lee. The second pillar of the strategy is the Club website, with a new updated version launched to coincide with the new strategy, "we have built a new website. Right now we have nearly 100 million visitors a season and we currently have the most visited web in the Spanish League," said Mr. Lee, who explained that amongst the web's new features were "real time stats and the integration of social networks," as well as announcing that the Club is digitising its historic archives. In addition, the new online Supporters Services Office (OAB) will permit "any kind of paperwork that needs to be done with Club can now be done online."

Mobile phone strategy

Dídac Lee believes that "the best way to reach our fans is via mobile apps, as they allow us to be online 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. We aim to create 20 new applications a year." With 33% of Club members having a smartphone, Mr. Lee also announced that the Club is "working at getting better cellular coverage in the Camp Nou, but this is a problem for every major stadium in the world. We've reached a deal with Telefónica I+D to find the best technology to sort the problem out."

Finally Mr. Lee echoed the words of the pioneering American computer scientist Alan Kay: "everything we are doing on the digital front is pioneering work and so we don't have any references – 'the best way to predict the future is to invent it,' and that is what we are trying to do."

Internet business set to double over the next two years

Although Dídac Lee admitted that “making predictions in a business is never too wise, we intend to double our current total of 12 million Euros worth of internet business over the next two years.”

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