Football Club Barcelona expresses its indignation for the falsity of information contained in the article published in El Mundo, written by Salvador Sostres, titled ‘Penultimate betrayals.’ Given the gravity of the attacks on the Club’s honour, on its President, and on the manager of the first team, the Club will immediately undertake the following actions:

1) In accordance with the Ley Orgánica on the right of rectification, the Club will petition the director of the aforementioned media outlet to rectify the published information.

2) In the following days, the Club will pursue litigation against Salvador Sostres and the individuals involved in the writing and dissemination of the above mentioned article to obtain compensation for damages caused to the Club, the Club President and the manager of the first team.

Lastly, the Club warns that it will be unyielding in defence of its honour and vigorously condemns any action that seeks to undermine the social structure of the Club.

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