The players during the filimg of the spot.

FC Barcelona features in Estrella Damm’s newly released television advertisement that hit the airwaves this weekend. The first-team players Messi, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Cesc, Piqué, Pedro, Puyol and Valdés feature in the spot and they represent the most important ingredient in this Barça: the Masía.

On this occasion, the spot focuses on all the ingredients that make this team unique and, therefore, ‘inimitable’: players that are friends since childhood, the work done at the Masía over 30 years, the values of the Club, a game philosophy, the feeling of belonging to something larger than a football club ...  Ingredients almost as difficult to replicate when imitating the famous traditional Catalan soup of Daniel Brühl’s mother: her years of experience, the home-made products and her special touch.

In the advertisement's culminating moment the actor, surrounded by the players in an at-capacity Cam Nou, explains why Barça is unique.

FC Barcelona and Estrella Damm have maintained a close relationship centered around sponsorship that has lasted for over 20 years. Every year, the popular beer company produces a spot which Barça supporters eagerly look forward to, like the La servilleta de Messi (Messi’s napkin), El trabajo bien hecho (Work well done) or ¿Qué tenemos? (What do we have?)

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