Acord FCB-Intersports / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The strategic agreement between the Club and the Chinese company Intersports to promote the Barça brand and the Club’s values in the Chinese market was signed this Saturday. During the signing, which was attended by Club President Sandro Rosell and the Intersports President Heifeng Xia, as well as the Club’s marketing director Laurent Colette and Jun Chen, the general manager of Intersports, the strategic priority of the Chinese market for the Club was stressed.

Trip to China in November

According to Rosell, the deal aims to “create a permanent link with the Chinese society, so that all who wish to can share the FC Barcelona values.” The President also announced that a delegation from the Club would be visiting China at the end of November, “we will take it a step at a time, so that the new generations of Chinese citizens understand what the Barça feeling is. We hope that the Chinese boy and girls’ feeling for football will be based on Barça.”

The trip will take in a gala benefit dinner for the Chinese Handicap Association, an agreement between the two organisations and meetings with local businessmen and media.

Training Camp for five summers

Laurent Colette explained that the first fruits of this agreement would be seen in Northern China where a training camp would be held at the Beijing Olympic Stadium – the Birds’ Nest Stadium – for the next five summers for children aged between 6 and 14, with a total of 180 children a week expected to take part under the supervision of a team of Barça coaches and 25 local coaches. Colette added, “it is very important to transmit the Barça philosophy to local coaches, because sooner or later China will be a world footballing power.”

“The best team in the best stadium”

Heifeng Xia explained that his organisation had chosen FC Barcelona as a partner because “for us, FC Barcelona is the best team in the world and the Birds Nest Stadium is the best ground in the world, we wanted the best team in the best stadium. Barça is the most influential club in China and we hope this will be a long term collaboration between us.”

"Messi continues to be the best player in the world"

Sandro Rosell also insisted that for him, “Messi continues to be, without a doubt, the best player in the world.” The President also talked about Andres Iniesta, who on Saturday completes 9 years since his debut with the first team, “he’s got the talent he was born with, but he has cultivated that and worked hard, as well as having that culture of effort."

The President was also asked about the possibility of noon kick offs for the team and he admitted, “I don’t like it myself, I like the traditions of football and the tradition at the Camp Nou is to play at night, but we will follow the rules.”

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