Camp Nou Sense Fum (Camp Nou without smoke). PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.

Fans that came to the Camp Nou this Saturday had a more enjoyable view of the game thanks to the elimination of the security nets behind both the north and south goals.

“The petition to remove the nets was made to the Board of Directors, which we analyzed afterwards with the security team,” explained Vice President, Jordi Cardoner. The giant nets were installed during the 2003/04 season. The current Board decided to withdraw the nets after receiving multiple petitions from Club members, saying that the nets impeded an acceptable view of the pitch. “We’ve looked at the security incidents since the nets went up. There have been very few. We believe our fans don’t deserve to suffer these penalties. Their behavior has been exemplary,” Cardoner added.

Smoking ban awareness campaign

This Saturday, FC Barcelona also kicked off a campaign to raise awareness of the stadium-wide smoking ban that will take effect early neaxt year. Supporters that came to the Camp Nou received information about the ongoing campaign to make the Camp Nou smoke-free. The motto, ‘Barça sense fum’ (Barça without smoke), was on a banner that covered the walkway to the Museum, on posters that hung from the access halls to the grand stands, as well on the Club’s electronic advertising displays.

Smoking is prohibited in the hallways and interior patios of the stadium, while the stadium-wide ban will come into effect on January 1, 2012. Jordi Cardoner said that when the smoking ban takes effect that “fans that smoke that come to the Camp Nou will have to make an effort to stand side by side with non-smokers and abstain from the habit for two hours. It’s a measure taken in the interest of their health as well as everyone else's.”

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