Aerial view of the Camp Nou. PHOTO: ARXIU FCB.

One of the key aspects of President Sandro Rosell’s end-of-year overview was the positive balance of Club’s assets. Rosell also talked about the renovation of the Camp Nou and the Palau Blaugrana and the creation of the Espai Barça.

“There are two things that need to happen, but they can’t happen until we reduce our debt. We’re taking a step backwards in order to take three steps forward. We will not create the Espai Barça and the Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana renovations will not happen at this time. We can’t proceed with these projects at this moment, however, we will do them at a later date and the decision will be put to the Club members by means of a Club referendum. The decision to build a new stadium or renovate the Camp Nou is one we have to live with for the rest of our lives and it needs to be made by the Club members,” he said.

The FC Barcelona president said that the goal of the Board of Directors  is to “maintain the Club’s assets” and that minor renovation projects for the Camp Nou (changing the pitch on a yearly basis and remodeling the tunnel that gives access to the pitch), the Palau (the dressing rooms and the press room) and the Ciutat Esportiva (new pitch and increasing the size of the gymnasium) will go forward. Rosell also announced that the Palau Blaugrana 2 will be repurposed as a new social area for the Club, it’s estimated that it will be operational within “five to six months.”

Actions not words

On the Club’s institutional progress, Rosell said: “we continue to deepen our ties with all of the official organizations.” The president revealed that the Board’s role is to “continue defending the Club with actions not words.” He lamented the “bad luck” that the referees had this past season, while stating that all of the actions taken by the Board in this regard have the approval of the team.

Rosell also stated that Club’s “Catalan spirit is nonnegotiable.” According to the president, “it’s part of our DNA and that’s why we have itinerant Board meetings, it preserves our bond with Catalonia.” He added: “we cannot forget that we’re a global Club, with over 350 million followers. We’re technology and online leaders.”

Social sensibility

On the Club’s social projects, the president highlighted the Club’s “sensibility” and he reiterated spokesman Toni Freixa’s statement that the Club will not increase season ticket prices this season: “we said that we wouldn’t increase the price in the first two years of our first term, and we kept that promise. Additionally, the Board decided to not increase the price of 2012/13 season tickets due to the economic situation that we are all enduring.” Furthermore, Rosell explained that the Club will activate the season ticket waiting list: “for the first time in eight years, the first 200 applicants will have corresponding tickets. We want this to happen every year and we want the process to be transparent.”

On the Grada Jove, he said: “we’re working on it with the Mossos d’Esquadra [police]. It will be a reality when we have a guarantee of tolerance and security.”

Finally, the president also highlighted projects that have been finished, like the creation of the OAE (Special Attention Office), the implementation of the Camp Nou Without Smoke and the Club Member Day of Solidarity, which Rosell said will be repeated “in the first rounds of the Copa del Rey.” The president also announced that there will be a “special space for the trophies won by FC Barcelona Women’s teams in the Museum. The Liga trophy won by the team this year will have a distinguished spot.”

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