FC Barcelona's 2012/13 kit

The Barcelona shirt for the 2012-2013 season features a new and daring look, with the world famous stripes gradually merging from red to blue. The design presented midday today at the MACBA centre in Barcelona has been described as reflecting how the club has made such copious use of young, local talent for so many years in combination with some of the world’s top international stars, thus reflecting the club’s famous blend of youth, tradition and creativity.

Marine red neck

The marine red neck gives the shirt a classic yet modern appearance, and also features the red and yellow of the Catalan flag on the outside and the ‘More Than a Club’ slogan on the inside. The blue on the shirt is darker than the shade that has appeared in more recent editions, and the typeface was chosen to reflect Catalan architecture.

Blue shorts with red trim

The blue shorts include a red stripe down the side, and the word "Barça" on the back. The blue socks also have the "Barça" name in yellow lettering, using the same typeface as the shirt. They also feature the innovative soles that help with balance and have gone down so well among professionals.

Nike innovating

The kit not only combines a sporty, modern and young look. Nike have also included the very latest technological advances to enhance the comfort and performance of the players.

Environmentally friendly

The kit is made of recycled polyester, a latest generation material that has been hailed as the most ecological garment that Nike has ever produced. Each set of shirt and shorts has been made using as many as thirteen recycled water bottles, a process that reduces energy consumption by 30% in comparison with traditionally produced polyester. Since 2010, Nike has used approximately 1115 million water bottles to create high performance sportswear.

Dri-FIT technology

The material used to make these kits is 23% lighter, while the textile is 20% stronger than previous Nike products, and includes what is called Nike Dri-FIT technology to eliminate humidity and keep the player dry and fresh.

The most important seams of the shirt and shorts have T shaped reinforcements. The seams are also connected on the inside by a smooth finish that improves overall comfort and performance. To improve thermal regulation, a series of tiny holes made by laser helps to ventilate the body from the armpits down to the waist, ensuring that the player’s body is adequately aired at all times.

The players will complement their outer kits with Nike Pro Combat underwear, which provides further comfort and protection against injuries. Fans and players alike can also enjoy Nike’s Barcelona Sportswear collection of other products, all of which are inspired by the traditions of the club.


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