Supporters at the Camp Nou / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

This Wednesday, coinciding with the Barça-Osasuna Cup tie (22.00), the stadium-wide smoking ordinance in the Camp Nou till go into effect. It will be the first game at the stadium where smoking is not permitted since it was inaugurated in 1957.

The decision to ban smoking in all of FC Barcelona’s facilities was ratified by the General Members Assembly by a overwhelming margin: 528 votes in favour, 89 against and 38 abstentions. The Assembly, on September 24, decided that the new rule would go into effect at the beginning of 2012.

In the last couple of weeks, since the League game against Zaragoza, FC Barcelona embarked on an informational campaign with the goal of informing supporters of the upcoming smoking ban at the stadium. The Club passed out brochures and badges that carried the ‘Barça sin humo’ (Barça without smoke) slogan. The slogan was also visible on the Museum’s connecting walkway, at stadium entrances, digital displays, pitch canvases and in all the stadium’s ticketing booths. The campaign also had a digital element to it as ServiCaixa, the Club’s website (with an option to print a ‘Barça sin humo’ banner from home) and a television spot produced by Barça TV, which can be seen on YouTube, also spread the word about the smoking ban.

The main objective of ‘Barça sin humo’ is to protect the health of FC Barcelona supporters during home matches. However, helping smokers kick the habit is also one of the initiative’s goals.

FC Barcelona employees at the Camp Nou are responsible for enforcing the smoking ban. If a supporter is found smoking, he will be asked to either put the cigarette out or leave the stadium. If the supporter refuses, he will be asked to identify himself with his member identification card and the case will be heard by the Club’s Discipline Committee.

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