Jordi Monés

FC Barcelona and the European Commission have agreed to join forces in the fight against smoking. This joint initiative is the result of the common goal of Club’s 'Barça Sense Fum' and the European Commission's 'Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable' campaign, which helps European citizens kick the habit. 'Barça Sense Fum' launched two years ago, and has resulted in all the areas of the Club becoming healthy no-smoking zones and was approved by a large majority of the members representatives at the last Assemblea de Compromissaris. It is one more step in the Club’s promotion of values inherent in sport, such as, a healthy lifestyle, respect and a social conscience.

Under the slogan: “ex-smokers are unstoppable” the European Commission launched an ambitious campaign to convince more than 28 million smokers within the European Union that tobacco is harmful to their health. The campaign includes advice, up to date guides and free practical support through iCoach, an innovative on-line tool which gives smokers tailored on line support in their fight to give up smoking.

Recognition of the ‘Barça sense fum’ (A smoke-free Barça) project

Dr. Jordi Monés, the Board member responsible for the Medical and Health Area of the Club commented: “it gives FC Barcelona great pride that an institution such as the European Commission should have invited us to take part in this campaign to help the health of all Europeans. It is a recognition of our 'Barça sense fum' project, which is itself a pioneering initiative and in line with our core values. We shall now join forces with the highest institution of the European Union to convince its citizens that tobacco damages their health and becoming an ex-smoker is full of advantages”.

The objective of these campaigns, which will be unveiled next season, will not just be to persuade people to give up smoking, but also to convince ex-smokers not to take up the habit again and to enjoy the benefits that not smoking brings. As well as advertising campaigns, the project will also provide a series of practical tools for ex-smokers to ensure that they never smoke again.

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