This agreement is the result of the efforts of both institutions to promote a clean environment in the sport. In the case of FC Barcelona, Dr. Jordi Monés, director in charge of medical services, has led this project ever since the new Board took control of Club management.

The agreement provides the organization with joint implementation of seminars, conferences, publications, and presentations to promote the values inherent in sport. The agreement also calls for courses promoted by FC Barcelona on areas of knowledge about anti-doping legislation and on the harmful effects to the health of athletes involved in the use of banned substances.

The measures also call for development of promotional campaigns for sports training in the values of fair play, which will include the participation of Barça players and coaches.

On the other hand, for the director of the AEA, Francisco Javier Martin del Burgo Simarro, the signing of such agreements "gives a huge boost to the work of prevention and awareness in the fight against doping amongst young athletes." Martin del Burgo, who thanked FC Barcelona for their "commitment and collaboration in promoting clean sport," stressed the importance of working on "teaching of values" to players and coaches. "The key is prevention and education" he added.

In addition, the agreement signed this Wednesday anticipates the possibility that the National Anti-Doping Agency and FC Barcelona may promote the granting of Sports Conduct Awards, to distinguish each athlete, coach, director, etc., for their behavior and respect for exemplary sport and fair play on and off the field.

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