Spokesman Toni Freixa announced that the Board of Directors has approved the measure to not increase the price of Camp Nou season tickets and parking passes through the 2012/13 season. The price for season tickets, however, will be adjusted to include the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate. The measure addresses the Board’s campaign commitment to not raise the cost of season tickets in the first two years of the managing body’s first term. However, the Club’s governing body decided to extend the commitment for an additional year, seeing that this is the Board’s third year managing the Club.

Census update to start in October

The Board also approved the measure to adjust the census regulation schedule, which hasn’t been revised since 2004. Starting this October, the Club will start the procedure of updating and cataloguing new census data. It will take approximately a year to complete the procedure.

The Board also approved the Control and Transparency Commission rules. This body is charged with the application and interpretation of the Club’s ethics code.

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