Kocsis suffered a great disappointment when Barça lost the European Cup final in Berne | FCB ARCHIVE

Barça signed him two years later, along with his compatriot Zoltan Czibor, when they were playing for Swiss club Young Fellows. The Hungarian striker was a tried and tested goalscorer at all levels.

Apart from his terrific head, he also had a rifling shot with either foot and was an adept dribbler. He was also an intelligent player with an excellent ability to read the play. And he was a noted gentleman, and was admired wherever he went for his noble attitude to the sport.

He steered Barça to many wins, but suffered major disappointment when losing the European Cup Final in 1961 in Berne, the same place where seven years earlier his Hungarian national side had lost the 1954 World Cup Final to West Germany.


Seasons at the club: 1958-66
Games played: 235
Goals: 151


2 Fairs Cups (1958/60 and 65/66)
2 Leagues (1958/59 and 59/60)
2 Copa del Rey (1958/59 and 62/63)