This German became president on September 5, 1902 and was in charge of the club until September 17 of the following year. This was a period of transition, in which there were serious financial problems due to the high costs of maintaining the club, and there was also major controversy with the Federación Gimnasia Española, who wanted to organise a tournament without foreigners in order to gain better control over football in Barcelona. As a result of this, Haas was one of the biggest driving forces behind the Asociación Catalana de Fútbol, to which most of the clubs of the time belonged.

But those were not the only difficulties Paul Haas had to face, as Barça withdrew from the Copa Macaya after their win over Hispania was unfairly declared invalid. The direct consequence of this controversy was the creation of the Copa Barcelona, which would eventually become the Catalan Championship. The first edition, promoted by Futbol Club Barcelona, was held the next season. And FC Barcelona won that tournament after winning twelve of the fourteen matches they played.

Haas also introduced rugby to FC Barcelona, a sport that would remain part of the club despite not having much success. Another of Haas’ worthy initiatives as president was the introduction of Futbol Club Barcelona cards of honour.