The Club was involved in very little social activity, and when there was a severe drop in the number of members (at one point as few as 198). The results on the pitch were poor as well, including one particularly humiliating defeat, 10-1 in Bilbao.

It should also be said that at the time, the Association of Clubs was extremely unsupportive of FC Barcelona, which in the 1905/06 season led to a major scandal. Barça were stripped of their Copa Salud title despite winning every game when in the deciding match, won 3-1 against Team X, an appeal was made against Barça because they were not wearing regulation kit. This outrageous protest received the Association’s support, who ordered for the match to be replayed. FC Barcelona refused to play, and so Catalán were automatically declared champions of the tournament. Soler was president of the club for exactly one year.